Careers: Current Openings

Position: Container Repairers (MIG Welder) - 6 Nos.
Responsibilities :

  • Weld, Cut and fit pieces of metal, planks , etc. in order to repair container damages
  • Weld the pieces/panels together as appropriate
  • Ensure proper fitting and alignment work
  • Ensure appropriate parts are attached
  • Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment
  • Perform container modification works in case of special instructions and non-shipping requirements as appropriate.
  • Cut, weld and fit pieces and panels as required relating to container modifications
  • Insert and fit glass wool for insulating the containers
  • To make containers suitable for special goods like garments do modifications as required

Qualification & Experience :

•  Any qualification.  Formal vocational training is preferred

•  2 - 3 years working experience in a similar role

•  Knowledge of the equipment, tools and materials used in container repair

•  Knowledge of methods, practices and techniques of container repairing

•  Ability to comprehend and follow instructions

•  Good welding skills

•  Ability to keep records of activities performed

•  Ability to read and understand work instructions and drawings

•  Basic spoken and written English


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